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Community Residency: We are aware that most people know very little about weaving. Not often do people have an opportunity to observe a weaver at work or to see an exhibit entirely made up of woven objects, or perhaps more importantly to sit at a loom and make it work. We intend to change all that.


“The memory of your loom and all the events of the week at Moffitt Cancer Center, you were with us is very much alive and cherished here. The tapestries hang in the main lobby with the names of the individual participants between them. I often have the opportunity to relive that special week as I tell them the story of the “Tapestries of Life” and all about the weavers and how the artworks came about. ”

Frances Falk, Arts-In-Medicine Coordinator

H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center

Tampa, Florida


During the past 11 years Sandy Creek Weavers have woven with over 120,000 children and adults, in schools, hospitals, arts councils, cancer centers, church’s, and mini camps creating large tapestries on a 200-year-old floor loom which incorporates items of sentimental value woven into the weaving by the community members, students, teachers and staff. The weaving becomes “A Fabric Time Capsule” representing the time in history of the community and/or school which is left for permanent display.

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