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"The overarching goal of the residency is to keep alive an ancient art form and help students and adults make connections with weaving through art, math, history, language arts, social studies and craftsmanship."


During the past 16 years Sandy Creek Weavers have woven with over 200,000 children and adults, in schools, hospitals, arts councils, cancer centers, church’s, and mini camps creating large tapestries on a 200-year-old floor loom which incorporates items of sentimental value woven into the weaving by the community members, students, teachers and staff. The weaving becomes “A Fabric Time Capsule” representing the time in history of the community and/or school which is left for permanent display.


Goals and Focus of Fiber Artist Residency


Understanding the art form of weaving historically and as it affects at participants lives today.


Hands on weaving on a 200-year-old antique floor loom. The same way boys, girls and adults their age wove on the same loom 200 years ago.


Through Weaving participants will understand American life 200 years ago. Understand weaving as an integral part of American life then and today i.e. fabric for clothes, home furnishings, commercial uses, etc.

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